Our Departments

In order to offer specialised services to our clients, we are organised around the departments as detailed below.

i. The Commercial Transactions Department 

The Commercial Transactions Department provides a wide range of commercial advisory and transactional services to clients. This includes:
• undertaking due diligence
• negotiating restructurings
• franchising
• mergers & acquisitions
• securities
• insurance
• advising on public listing
• rights issues
• asset sales
• financing through single lender or syndicate loans.
• Patents and copyrights

We have developed a niche in Capital Markets, Financial Services, Mergers & Acquisitions, Energy and Infrastructure, Information and Communication Technology and Intellectual Property. As a result of such broad expertise, we are able to advise on a wide range of issues, generating practical solutions to complex matters.

 We offer corporate and commercial services to companies ranging from global multinationals, family owned enterprises and private corporates. Our clients’ activities are most diverse and include industrial goods, construction materials, oil and gas and financial companies, to name but a few.


    ii. Real Estate Department

    The Real Estate Department of Salim Omar & Co. Advocates  deals with all aspects relating to property and property law in Kenya.

    Kenya is currently experiencing a real estate boom. Our real estate department draws on in-depth legal knowledge and experience in the construction and real estate sector to provide legal advice that, like the real development projects it is based on, stands the trial of time.

    The areas of practice in this group include:

    • Real Estate
    • Commercial
    • Land regulations
    • Drafting of land legislation
    • Development Agreements
    • Urban Planning
    • Leases
    • Mortgages
    • Land transfers and conveyancing


    iii. The Legal Advisory and Consultancy Department

    The Legal Advisory and Consultancy Department provides legal advisory and consultancies services to various:

    • governments;
    • regional and international organisations;
    • professional societies and organisations;
    • banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions; and
    • private clients.

    iv. Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Department

    The Salim Omar & Co. Advocates litigation and dispute resolution practice delivers practical legal solutions to the highest international standards both in Kenya, and throughout Africa through our linkages with our International clients Our lawyers have vast expertise in trial advocacy in local courts, tribunals and statutory bodies. Our team also offers alternative dispute resolution services which include settlement negotiations, arbitration and mediation where necessary. Litigation is rarely a pleasant experience, and our litigation team constantly evaluates every realistic outcome prior to, and throughout the litigation process in order to ensure the best possible outcome for our client.
    The Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department is involved in day-to-day litigation before domestic, regional and international courts and tribunals. The Department boasts a hard-to-rival success rate, making us the Firm of choice in respect of complex litigation and arbitration matters. Driven by efficiency, the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department is highly responsive in short notice resolution of complex litigation and arbitration matters.

    The areas of practice under litigation include:

    • Family Law
    • Liability
    • Personal Injury
    • Professional Liability
    • Torts
    • Labour disputes

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is often a cost-effective way of resolving a variety of conflicts. Negotiations and mediation can help avert a costly and potentially unproductive litigation process. Arbitration can avoid a public and lengthy battle, while controlling costs.

    Our ADR team is highly experienced in all aspects of negotiations, mediation and arbitration, and is frequently involved in cross-border ADR matters. The firm is regularly retained to represent clients for arbitration proceedings in many areas, including commercial, financial and industrial matters.
    With Salim Omar & Co. Advocates, you can rest assured that a team of advocates with knowledge, experience and training are working for your best interests.


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